About Us


Our Mission is to provide gun owners with a cleaning experience that delivers Less Mess, Less Hassle, and More Clean. BarrelBuddy is the most common sense gun cleaning product, and is highly effective compared to other products. The value of BarrelBuddy is simply that the product provides the best cleaning money can buy. This is what “best” means for the customer:

Less Mess The product provides the customer with a mechanism that leaves no residue or fabric fibers, retains chemicals and solvents without dripping, and minimizes hand contact.

Less Hassle The product is easy to handle and manipulate, and is properly sized for each barrel. It is disposable and does not require its own maintenance – it doesn’t require washing.

More Clean What the customer gets is a clean gun. The cleaning process doesn’t make its own additional mess. Because the product is white, it is easy to see the results of the cleaning and know when the barrel is clean.